Application procedure

Application process

For the regular application process you have to fill out and submit a non-binding pre-application. Here in Konstanz you can do it online and only in special occasions personal you can submit it personally during our office hours (see contact). The application portal is open from the end of November, deadline is the 13th of January 2019!

During the winter, there are several exchange round (see below). In the end we have a list of offers for Konstanz. Then you have to submit a list of your favourites. After that point your application is binding. (Because if we offer you an internship you might take away the possibility for others to apply for this.) Therefore, you have to pay a security deposit of 100€. Of course it will be refunded once you finished your internship or in case you are rejected. After a short interview we decide which candidate we will nominate for which job offer. After that you will recieve all the information you need for you final application. At this point, you are the only applicant for this job offer. But it's your turn then to write a good and convincing application. The DAAD passes your application on to the company or research institute. The application has to be submitted until the 31st of March. The local deadline for the IAESTE LC Konstanz is Mid-March.

In April the company or the research institute will decide on your application. Experience shows that most of the applicants are accepted, provided that you subbmited a proper and decent application. After beeing accepted there is nothing standing in your way!

Before we find you the job offers, all internships can be exchanged in a special conference. In this conference we receive 10-15 job offers for Konstanz.

exchange timeline

The way from an job offer of the company or research institute is divided into 5 steps:

  1. First of all, every Local Committee (LC) raises internships in its area of responsibility. Furthermore, every local committee collects the pre-applications from interested students to get an overview.
  2. Every local committee announces its own internship requirement to the IAESTE national committee before a certain deadline. We will send our requirement list to the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The internships raised by the local committees will be gathered directly at the national committee..
  3. Every year in January there is a Annual Conference (AC) that is attended by the representatives of all the IAESTE national committees. Every representative brings the internship offers from his country and also an overview of the national internship requirement. In the AC the internship offers are exchanged in several exchange sessions between the representatives of all countries. The following principle applies: number of the internships offered = number of internships received.
  4. Every year in February the national committees distribute the internship offers that they received at the AC to the affiliated local committees. This distribution is based on the requirement lists created by the local committees. Additionally there is a National Exchange Conference that is attended by the representatives of all the local committees. At this national exchange conference it is possible to exchange internship offers with the other local committees since the first distribution by the national committee is not always the best. This is our chance to get the best internship offers for you!
  5. Finally the internship offers are distributed to our applicants in February every year. Since there are 10-15 internships p.a. available for Konstanz and the number of the applicants is approximately 40, we decide who will be nominated based on your pre-application, personal statement and personal interviews. If the top seed is not willing to accept the offer, we will immediately get in contact with the second seed. After one week of no response we will give the job offert to the postexchange.
  6. In case you did not receive a job offer, there is a chance on getting ohne in the postexchange: the LC Munich organises a postexchange and offers an overviwe about all the job offers that are still free. Those offers will be published via our mailing list. In case you are interested in such an offer, please tells us via mail.
  7. Your applications have to be submitted until Mid-March !
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