DAAD-travel cost scholarship

Students of all subjects areas, where faculties stipulate internships abroad, can apply for a travel cost scholarship at DAAD. Only internships that last between 1 month (28 calender days) and 12 monath can receive the scholarship.

The travel cost scholarship is country-related.

Only internships outside Europe as well as Albania, Bosnia, Iceland, Macedonia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine and in Belarus can recieve the scholarship.

At the Daad-Homepage you can find the guidelines and further information regarding the travel cost scholarship.

Since 2014 you have to apply for the scholarship at the DAAD-portal. You hace to hand in the application before the beginning of your internship.

Required documents:

The application includes different forms:

  1. Certificate of foreign languages 

    This certificate proves your language skills of the language(s) necessary for your internship- (most of the time English) It should be filled in and signed by a professor. You can find more information and dates about the language test at the SLI.

    It is important that you only use the form of the travel cost grant for your Language certificate! TOEFL-test, Cambridge Certificate, IELTS, UNI-Cert, UCLES or TOEIC are also accepted, if the certificates are not older than 2 years.

  2. Certificate of the Faculty

    This form has to be completed, signed and stamped by the responsible authority of your faculty. This certifies that the conditions for the acknowledgement of your internship are granted. This is the case, if your internship is recommended as a part of your study.

  3. Confirmation of your place of internship 

    The Confirmation of your place of internship needs to include the exact date by day and content of your internship as well as the language you will use at work. Furthermore it needs to be signed and stamped by your employer. IAESTE-trainees only have to hand in a copy of the form N5/a.

  4. Letter of motivation 

    In order to receive the travel cost grant, the DAAD expects you to write a letter of motivation of about half a DIN A4 page. This letter should contain the schedule and the development of your internship as well as the activities related to your study

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